18-Channel Analog Stereo Vocoder and Formant System

An advanced do-it-yourself project for
the ambitious electronics and audio enthusiast

general picture of the vocoder

Vocoder Brochure (PDF)

If you would like to build this vocoder, follow the thread on muffwiggler.com

At the heart of the vocoder: the channel filter board

analysis/synthesis channel board

The analysis/synthesis channel board is based on a standard 8-pole multi-feedback bandpass filter topology. For accuracy and temperature stability, resistors from the E48 series and SMD capacitors (size 1206 or 0805) with C0G/NP0 dielectric are used. A total of 18 boards cover a frequency range from 120 Hz to 7 kHz.

For a detailed view, click on the image.


Detailed view:

analysis/synthesis channel board

A glance at the vocoder's internal structure

view into the vocoder

See the vocoder in action on Youtube