VoIS Modular: 15-Channel Vocoder and Fixed Filter Bank

A modular vocoder in Eurorack format

VoIS modular front sides in white and black

Main Product Features:

  • 15 adjustable 8-pole filter channels with LED clipping indicators
  • Slew Control to create unique slurring effects
  • Silence Bridging to fill audible gaps with the filtered excitation signal
  • Squelch to gate background noise
  • Spectral Shift to shift the analysis filter frequencies up or down
  • Spectral Tilt to manipulate the overall frequency spectrum
  • V/UV Detector to automatically detect voiced and unvoiced signals
  • Freeze Switch to bring the vocoded signal to a standstill
  • Noise Switch to select either pink or white noise for the excitation of unvoiced signals
  • BP/LP Switch to select between band-pass or low-pass response of the lowest channel filter
  • Line Inputs for voice and exitation signals, with clipping indicators
  • FFB Out to output the fixed-filter bank audio signal
  • Vocoder Out to output the synthesized vocoder audio signal

VoIS Modular price chart

VoIS Modular User's Manual (PDF)

VoIS Modular Assembly Instructions (PDF, only required if DIY kit is ordered)

See a review of the VoIS Modular by Matthew Piecora, aka EZBOT, on Youtube

See the prototype of the VoIS Modular in action on Youtube