Ultimate VoIS: Professional 18-Channel Analog Stereo Vocoder

A vocoder with unmatched intelligibility in a 2U rack mountable cabinet.
Now available as a prototype for evaluation purposes.

Ultimate VoIS vocoder front side


  • 18 adjustable channels with each frequency assigned either to the left or the right vocoder audio output
  • Line inputs with volume controls and peak program meters
  • Silence bridging to fill periods of silence with the filtered excitation sign
  • Slew to create unique slurring effects
  • Freeze to bring the vocoded signal to a standstill
  • V/UV detection for automatic detection of voiced/unvoiced signals
  • XLR connectors on the rear side for the use in a professional setting
  • No compression/decompression used to achieve best signal fidelity

Ultimate VoIS vocoder back side