DIY 18-Channel Analog Stereo Vocoder and Formant System

An advanced do-it-yourself project for
the ambitious electronics and audio enthusiast

general picture of the vocoder

At the heart of the vocoder: the channel filter board

analysis/synthesis channel board

The analysis/synthesis channel board is based on a standard 8-pole multi-feedback bandpass filter topology. For accuracy and temperature stability, resistors from the E48 series and SMD capacitors (size 1206 or 0805) with C0G/NP0 dielectric are used. A total of 18 boards cover a frequency range from 120 Hz to 7 kHz.

For a detailed view, click on the image.


Detailed view:

analysis/synthesis channel board

A glance at the vocoder's internal structure

view into the vocoder

See the vocoder in action on Youtube